Goddess Body Oils
Goddess Body Oils
Goddess Body Oils

Goddess Body Oils

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What is it?

Lighter + just as nourishing alternative to the body butter. Body oil is also the perfect perfume substitute 

How do I use it? 

After your shower, leave a wee bit of moisture on your skin + generously apply your body oil to seal in all that extra moisture + deliciousness. 

Before I leave the house I apply a small amount of oil behind my ears + my wrists - just like you would perfume. The smell is divine ~ but light + lasts all day. 

 use each oil depending on the vibe you want embody

i also use these oils to dress candles + add a bit to my bath 


rose + lavender

queen of pentacles + cups energy gentle, floral, rich, subtle power, confidence, self love, trust, confidence, nurturing, beautiful, high vibrational, grounded, stability 


queen of wands energy, intense. floral. powerful. kindly reminds you who's running this, discipline, strategy, independence, divination, goddess vibes + wholeheartedly takes no shit

 What's in it 

sunflower oil, lavender infused oil, essential oil