I began to question my beauty products in 2007 and began to make my own in 2008. I have always had blemished prone skin and I was on a mission to find perfection. The only goal I had in mind: create products that are simple to make, yet effective. For years I researched oils and butters that could give me the blemish free skin I was seeking. Along my journey I learned perfection is a unicorn, and I would spend the rest of my days searching for it. Eleven years mixed with a lot of self love and quite a bit of trial and error, Elevated Empress was born.

In hindsight chasing this image of perfection was my way of searching for someone who I am not. I am tiny fragments of my imperfections and lessons learned pieced together to make a magical and capable being. Elevated Empress is not about perfection, it’s about loving who you are and the skin you’re in.

Throughout my self love journey I've found aromatherapy + affirmations have resonated with me the most Initially, like most, I was skeptical. How can repeating phrases aloud help me see the magic in myself? That's just it. Thoughts are powerful, as are words. When you say each affirmation aloud you are affirming what's already true.

Each scent is intuitively named and paired with a powerful affirmation to elevate your inner empress (or Emperor.) I am imperfection. I AM EMPRESS.